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All members get exclusive unlimited access to our database of Mystery Shopping agencies looking to hire shoppers for assignments of all kinds.

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All members also get get exclusive and unlimited access to our list of Mystery Shopping Job Boards that have updated assignment lists.

Mystery Shopper Platinum Guide

Instantly download our huge guide loaded with the ins and outs of the world of Mystery Shopping. We spent over EIGHTY hours putting this guide together making sure every base was covered, from getting started to getting paid all in one neat and easy to understand package! Instant Download

Word Processing Office Suite Software

We realize that not everyone has expensive word processing software which retails for as much as $600. We have included a resource to get an unbelievable office suite that compares heavily to the monster on the market. Download FREE.

Get Paid To Take Online Surveys

Unlike many sites, we also offer the complete database of companies who will pay you to take online surveys. We include hundreds of companies eager to hear your opinion, and pay you for it and/or give you the chance to win exclusive prizes!

Get Paid To Pass Out Free Samples
PLUS we want to include a directory of companies who are willing to pay you to pass out free samples, demonstrate products, take customer surveys, collect data, set up merchandise displays, and other opportunities. Most of these jobs are part-time and many offer you the freedom to set your own hours.
Get Paid To Drive
By joining we also want to include a directory of companies who are willing to pay you to drive or give you a free car to drive!

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